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NMWB Coaching Annex
NMWB Coaching Annex is a division of NMWB Global Management Services, LLC., a small consulting firm located in Atlanta, Georgia. Coaching is one of the many performance management interventions we use to ensure that individual contributors and teams leverage their full potential in the achievement of personal and organizational goals. Our expansive experience in the professional development arena provides opportunities to work with individuals and groups from different industries around the globe. We provide coaching, training, and meeting facilitation services for small, medium, and large organizations.

Our programs are designed to empower participants to delve deeper into the tools and techniques promoted by successful leaders and pioneer personal leadership mantras. Whether you are the formal or informal leader, navigation around the organizational landscape includes the understanding of corporate governance, quiet influence, ethical principles, climate/culture, diversity and inclusion, employee engagement, innovative initiatives, collaborative models, hiring and promotional practices, conflict resolution, and work-life balance.

We are passionate about the success of our clients and apply various tools and techniques for performance outcomes.

Why Should You 
Invest in a Coach?

Perhaps your supervisor, colleague, or peer provided feedback about performance, career advancement, job fit, or job commitment. Whether you agree the feedback is constructive or not, it certainly warrants seeking the ear of an objective external consultant. Using a customized approach, we assist our clients to plan, develop a strategy, and achieve performance results. 

Are you considering a career change or transitioning into a new role? Are you experiencing fear, anxiety or uncertainty about current workplace challenges and change? Are you an under-performing manager or employee? 

Our coaching mediums include face-to-face meetings, teleconferences, SKYPE, and web-ex.

Are you seeking?

  • An effective coach to assist you with career transitioning, change management, or promotional opportunities?
  • A coach with proven experience with diverse teams around the globe?
  • An action-learning coach who uses a variety of adult learning techniques to stimulate problem-solving, recommendations, and implementation?
  • A culturally competent consultant who is passionate about working with people from every continent.
  • Someone who takes pride in your growth and development?

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