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Motivational Speaking Engagements
Individual and Team Coaching
Training & Development: Open Enrollment and Onsite
Our business consulting services provide opportunities to coach and facilitate teams in multiple countries and cultures. As such, we have honed our expertise in meeting the needs of diverse audiences, and can therefore accommodate a variety of requests. We are agile and adaptable to multiple industries and functions. Years of training, coaching, and communicating with clients from multiple functions and industries taught us that humor provides balance in the world of work. 
At NMWB GLOBAL MANAGEMENT SERVICES, LLC, we take pride in providing our clients with customized programs and services to suit their unique challenges. Our goal is to ensure that clients experience greater performance, attributed to mutually established interventions. Our objective is to coach individuals and teams to maximize their full potential by assessing and utilizing a combination of technical and emotional competencies. 
Our coaching intervention process includes planning, strategy, and results. We offer one-on-one or group sessions at a location of your choice. We provide assessments, coaching, training, and mentoring services either at our corporate offices, via telephone, or at a location of your choice. Having traveled with many process improvement and action-learning teams around the globe, we are privileged to experience both production acumen and operational proficiency of world-renown consumer and commercial brands. While we cannot disclose the details of our site visits, observing the achievement, commitment, and dedication of individuals and teams confirm that our diverse human resource interventions work. Given the opportunity to serve you, we can also make a difference in your organization.
We provide onsite training and development services to fulfill the unique needs of our local, national, and global clients. We conduct needs assessments, customized learning solutions, as well as facilitation and training delivery: sales; customer service; marketing; strategic planning, thinking, and execution; leadership; team building; train-the-trainer; accounting & finance; negotiation skills; process improvement, and much more........

Additionally, we contract with large training institutions to facilitate training programs in open-enrollment and onsite environments, 

Call us at 404-218-9176 to discuss your unique needs

Customized Learning Solutions
​"One size does not fit all." Our customized learning solutions allow us to focus on your unique needs. Our goal is to recommend learning solutions that allow our clients to meet or exceed their goals. By conducting individual need-assessments with your talent development team, managers and employees, we propose learning solutions that suit your needs. Our clients will benefit from extensive experience with action-learning teams in the global environment.

We also provide meeting facilitation, seminars, retreats, and speaking engagements for senior executives, directors, managers, supervisors, team leaders, and individual contributors. Whether your engagement requires working in North America, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, or the Caribbean, we are ready for the challenge.

​​An integral part of planning is to chart the course of action and allocate resources that will enable you to achieve your goals. Many elements in the internal and external environments are outside your scope of control. The high level strategy must be fine-tuned to leverage opportunities and minimize threats. Expect the Unexpected......

​​Whether your desire is to leverage strengths, optimize individual career goals, or increase team performance, we can assist you in designing a blueprint for success. Our process begins with various individual and team assessments that allow us to mutually establish goals and objectives.

The only way to achieve your goals is to work the plan. It is essential that you develop skills that will allow you to meet life's challenges constructively. Our goal is to guide you in applying a variety of tools and techniques that allow you to meet your performance outcomes. Are you up to the challenge?

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